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NatFelvusStylist is a personal fashion stylist. Born out of a passion for helping everyone finding their own unique sense of style and a penchant for creating that interesting and stylish look. Each person is different, and Nat looks to highlight their features that is unique and individual. 

Originally from Thailand with a fashion design degree. Nat has worked in various sides of the fashion industry from in-house designer, made-to-measure fashion, fashion retail, bridal and mens formalwear.

With a wealth of experience and expertise in how clothing works with the body in addition to a desire to make everyone look good and feel great about themselves, Nat puts her passion and knowledge into practice. 

I believe everyone has their own inner style but it just needs to be discovered or rediscovered. The outfit should reflect who you are not just wearing head to toe current trend straight from the cat walk.  Everyone can find pieces they love that suit their lifestyle and budget, and create their own style. I'm a BIG believer in a great outfit that boosts your confidence and makes you feel great and ready for whatever the day will bring!

I bring
visions to life

PHONE    0418162445
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