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Nat Felvus: Your Full-Service Personal Fashion Consultant


When you look in the mirror, you don’t see yourself the way the world sees you. Not only is this because your image is flipped laterally. It’s also because your mind attaches all manner of ideas, preconceptions, and misconceptions to your body image. This is even true for people with very positive body images. What that means is that it’s really hard for a person to be her or his own personal fashion consultant.
Many people find themselves buying the clothes they want to look good in rather than the clothes that actually suit them, and choosing mismatched styles for the same reason. In other words, our own personal biases about our appearances make it hard to make the best possible fashion choices.
With NatFelvusStylist in Wollongong, NSW Australia, you get objective, professional personal fashion consulting to get you looking and feeling your best.                                                                       
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