Personal Shopper

Let Nat Felvus Be Your Personal Shopper


How much time and money have you wasted trawling through department stores looking for the right outfit or the right item, trying it on, getting it home, and only then discovering that it doesn’t fit isn't right, or isn’t enough? If you’re like most people, the answer to that question is “a lot.”
But when you work with Nat Felvus, you get the right item, in the right proportions, in a style that works for you. Why? Because Nat will take your exact measurements, and using information from her full personal style appraisal - pick out only items that fit you beautifully, and match your optimal style profile.                                                
Stop wasting time and money buying clothing items that may or may not even fit. Let Nat Felvus do the shopping, and- who knows- you might even spend less money than you normally would.


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