Wardrobe &

      Colour Consultation


To make getting dressed easier every morning, your wardrobe should be arranged in category and colour. For example:

  • Tops and bottoms should be arranged in type - long sleeves, short sleeves and then divided in colour 

  • Shoes should be stored in clear boxes so they are visible and not forgotten 

Not too sure of what package is suitable for you? This package is great for a beginner - someone that just wants to assess their wardrobe prior to jumping into the other packages. It is designed to help you assess which pieces in your wardrobe are worth keeping, worth tailoring or just need to be let go. Together, we will be able identify if your wardrobe is missing some key pieces. In addition you will also be educated about the cuts and colours that flatter your body and your natural skin tone. You may not ready to jump straight into the other packages yet and this process is a great beginner guide for future reference.   


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