A floral printed dress is such a versatile piece that every lady should at least own one. The possibilities are endless - in summer all you need is a pair of coloured heels or sandals, or team it with a skivvy, opaque tights and a pair of pumps for the cooler months.  

If you are at a loss trying to find your inner style be it from a recent change in weight or recently giving birth or you need to find your brand image again we can help. At NatFelvusStylist we can update your look and help you get that confidence back. We will teach you to identify the right cut that flatters your body, the right colour that enhance your natural skin tone and put together a stylish outfit.


In addition we will help you identify some keys pieces that are essential to your everyday needs. You might not need the whole brand new wardrobe, the key pieces are the link to a working functional wardrobe and are essential for mixing the old with the new. 


We believe building an interchangeable wardrobe is the key to the ultimate functional wardrobe that is designed to make your daily routine easy, effortless and stylish.

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